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It actually was two nights ago, but that doesn’t have the same ring as a title. In any event, I had the great pleasure of attending and giving remarks at the launch of Johnson Scholars, a collaborative premedical pipeline pilot between Penn’s Perelman School of Medicine, Makuu, SNMA, and MAPS. Since Higher Learning and the various elements that I talk about in the forthcoming practitioner’s guide The Playbook are going to be at the center of Johnson Scholars, you will be hearing about it from time to time in this blog space, and in other resources and publications aimed at helping college support professionals better reach their goals.

In a nutshell, Johnson Scholars is about connecting the institutional dots. Penn has a wonderful medical school that unfortunately many Penn undergraduate students with premedical aspirations may not ever really see. Why is that? I mean, it’s right there. And that’s the thing. It is right there. So it’s easy for everyone to assume that of course students will stumble upon it somehow. Of course they know how to secure a research position. Of course they will reach out to a doctor and seek to shadow them. Certainly they’ll see the flyer about the medical school open house (among the hundreds of other flyers that they might see).

What is true is that some will do these things, and much more. And others won’t, for any number of reasons. If we leave less up to chance and build stronger pipelines then we have the opportunity to directly address the issues that have produced the current reality for underrepresented medical doctors in our nation. Some of these issues are simple, and some more complex, but if we stay on the sidelines and do nothing, the likelihood of them working themselves out is minimal, and the ensuing results are literally life-threatening.

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