Don't tell me about impossible. Maybe they can't do it, but we can.

Available in print or ebook, Higher Learning: Maximizing Your College Experience is the college completion guide trusted by high schools, colleges, college prep organizations, summer bridge programs, teams, and more, nationwide. It is comprehensive, covering content inside the classroom and out, and speaks directly to students in an inspiring and relatable voice, providing personalized guidance and strategies to students throughout their college careers and beyond.


Completing college successfully is about more than doing class work. Students should be encouraged to own the full experience. This involves strategically coordinating academics and activities, while balancing their physical and emotional well-being, their finances, and more. Explore the STUDENT content to find out how to do more and be more.

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Additional schools and programs are incorporating Higher Learning into their college completion strategies. Our EDUCATOR section provides additional tools and professional development resources to help you help your students go higher.

“Higher Learning was an essential tool to equip our graduating seniors with as they moved on to college.”Charles B. Adams, Former Head of School, The SEED Public Charter School