About Brian Peterson.

I am an author and educator living in Philadelphia. I currently direct Makuu, the University of Pennsylvania’s Black Cultural Center and teach two courses. I’m also a novelist and former staff writer at Okayplayer.com. Next moves: youth basketball coach and philanthropist. And maybe another book or two.

About The Book.

Now in its second edition, Higher Learning: Maximizing Your College Experience is designed to help students better understand the college landscape, and develop the tools and habits to successfully graduate, fully leveraging every valuable opportunity along the way. Used by high schools, college prep programs, and colleges nationwide , Higher Learning covers academic success strategies, mentoring and relationship building, leadership, health and wellness, time management, extracurricular activities, scholarships and financial planning, and much more, in a style and tone that’s relevant to students and effective for program partners.


While our major focus is to collaborate with schools and programs, Higher Learning also reaches students directly - via digital download or print copy for themselves, or through a gift copy from someone looking out for them. This website is designed to be an ongoing resource, providing supplemental content and new perspectives to continue engaging students, teachers, administrators, counselors, parents, researchers, and more.

About The Website.

The leading section of this website is inspired by the @gk3-created They Don’t Want You to Win. After revisiting often to marvel at the motivational wisdom of DJ Khaled, and then envisioning excerpts from Higher Learning, my own Facebook status updates, and things I’ve said to students during presentations and office hours be available in a similar interface, I texted Ivy (Taylor) and told her that, “I’ve seen the future. And it is lit.” She took it from there. And now, here we are. Going higher.

New content is added regularly, so come back often. They may not want you to win. But I do. So study the game. Play smart. And win.

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