Higher Learning is a flexible resource that can be incorporated into a wide range of programs. High schools use it for juniors and seniors as part of their college prep curriculum, helping students develop the habits and understanding about college culture to prepare them for success. High schools, as well as scholarship programs, have also presented it as a graduation gift to seniors. Summer bridge and pre-freshman programs have adopted it as a transition tool. Colleges have sent out copies or links to ebooks before students arrived, during winter break, and in the summer between the first and second year. It has served as a main text for first year seminars and scholars programs on campuses. It’s been discussed in locker rooms, residential lounges, auditoriums, retreats, conferences, GBMs, staff trainings, orientations, video chats, classrooms, and more.

The below set of PDFs provides some prompts for using Higher Learning with several types of programs. There will be overlaps as well as target groups not presently listed. Use these guides as initial references (possibly reading through them all to view the broad range of possibilities), and customize or adapt as you see fit. I would also recommend that you read through the FOCUS section for some thoughts on a more formal approach, including an assessment strategy.